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"Discover how Dahua's intelligent unmanned distribution center solutions revolutionize logistics operations, promoting efficiency, cost savings, and environmental sustainability. CCTV-MALL, as a leading video surveillance solution provider and core sales channel for Dahua, offers comprehensive support and expertise in implementing these innovative solutions. Inquire now for pricing and details."

As a world-leading video-centric AIoT solution and service provider, Dahua surveillance system is dedicated to advancing its sustainable development capabilities and actively contributing to the creation of a greener and safer digital world. Dahua achieves this through the development of innovative solutions that help conserve energy and reduce carbon emissions.

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Recognizing the importance of environmental stewardship, Dahua has implemented "green manufacturing" practices, exemplified by its advanced wastewater recycling system, which has achieved zero discharge of industrial wastewater. The manufacturing process incorporates lead-free fully automated soldering, minimizing waste lead gas generation. The workshop is equipped with a Class-100,000 dust-free purification system that ensures fresh air circulation and dust control. Exhaust gas undergoes treatment through UV photolysis and activated carbon, meeting strict treatment standards. Additionally, the workshop utilizes high-quality, low-noise equipment and employs sound-absorbing materials to minimize noise pollution. Regular third-party testing ensures compliance with relevant noise control requirements.

Dahua also focuses on resource utilization and waste reduction. A dedicated production cleaning team has been established to promote energy conservation, pollution reduction, and efficiency enhancement. Through the implementation of low-cost and high-cost plans, Dahua has saved a total of 1.783 million kWh of electricity, reduced waste cleaning fluid emissions by 15 tons, and decreased VOCs waste gas by 170.64 kg.

In line with its commitment to sustainability, Dahua's intelligent distribution center(Include NVR) operates a 100,000-square-meter unmanned warehouse. Upgrades to the smart electricity system at Dahua Park have resulted in annual electricity savings of up to 1,389,800 kWh, while the newly upgraded air-conditioning system conserves up to 6,000 tons of water annually. The company has obtained 56 China Energy Conservation Product Certifications and deployed photovoltaic power stations in the vicinity of the park to generate clean energy and reduce carbon emissions. To optimize electricity usage within the production site, Dahua has established a smart energy consumption platform that provides real-time monitoring, statistical analysis, and identification of improvement points for electricity consumption in each workshop.

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Dahua's commitment to emissions reduction extends to every aspect of its manufacturing process. The company emphasizes waste source reduction, prioritizes the use of clean and eco-friendly raw materials, and implements measures to reduce emissions across its manufacturing units. Intelligent upgrades in lens module assembly and testing have led to average annual electricity savings of 1.081 million kWh, resulting in significant economic benefits. The renovation of dust-proof workshops has saved 638,000 kWh of electricity annually, contributing to economic benefits as well. Exhaust systems have been installed to effectively collect and purify waste gases, ensuring the removal of toxic and harmful substances. Automated testing platforms are utilized to strictly control material quality, achieving a fully automated testing coverage rate of 94.51% for core products.

By prioritizing green manufacturing, optimizing resource utilization, and implementing comprehensive measures to reduce pollution and carbon emissions, Dahua has established itself as a leader in sustainable practices. CCTV-MALL, as a core sales channel for Dahua, proudly offers a wide range of video surveillance solutions. As part of its commitment to innovation, CCTV-MALL has recently introduced the Intelligent Unmanned Distribution Center solution. Integration partners and businesses interested in this solution are encouraged to inquire for pricing and further information.