Surveillance Solution

Surveillance Solution

The Intelligent Video Surveillance Solution which CCTV-MALL provide combines a comprehensive set of video resources to create an unparalleled, standardized video information system under unified management.
It integrates traffic, school,shopping mall, management, and civil defense surveillance video feeds

CCTV-MALL'Surveillance solution Handles HD video collection and transmission and display along with video codec technology.

Base Dahua Leading HDCVI and Network High definition technology and more than 800 unit product system. we can

Experts in the art of engineering optimal security and surveillance networks for the specific needs of our customers, CCTV-MALL will deliver you a design that functions impeccably, dramatically lowers risks, and offers customers exactly what they are looking for. From small, residential deployments to large, complex infrastructures with thousands of cameras, CCTV-MALL builds on years of experience in the industry to provide the highest-performing technology and solutions, at the lowest cost. We work with the best Surveillance equipment, most advanced software management tools, highest quality IP cameras, and newest storage equipment to provide rapid deployment of high-performance solutions with a high ROI. As always, you can trust CCTV-MALL to recommend the right products, timely delivery, and customer support that goes above and beyond the competition.

network Surveillance camera Solution

2000 channels IP camera sureillance solution system

500 channels IP camera security system

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