What is Panoramic Surveillance?

The Dahua panoramic system is designed for applications which require a 360°, 270° or 180° panoramic view for situational awareness such as crowd map and vehicle density. Its high-speed PTZ camera and EPTZ technology can quickly and automatically track moving targets without missing target behavior details. It is a perfect surveillance solution that can replace multiple conventional cameras, reduce complexity, and save installation and maintenance costs.


  • DAHUA MEC-S320  Shoulder Camera

Solutions and Products

Typical Scenarios

  • Squares

    Counts crowd number and density distribution in real time.

  • DAHUA PFS3008-8GT-96 8-Port Unmanaged Desktop Switch with 8 Port PoE

    Industrial Parks

    Improves monitoring efficiency and resources integration based on AR real scene.

  • Entrance & Exit Areas

    Provides a panoramic view and rich details at the same time.

  • Urban Roads

    Counts vehicle number and congestion condition in real time.