What is Stereo Analysis?

2D technology has been playing an important role in the image processing market. However, the trend towards 3D solutions has become increasingly significant due to the growth of AI applications in recent years. 3D information is used in particular when volumes, shapes or 3D positions of objects are analyzed. It can also be used to handle tasks in examining defects in objects and images that do not have enough contrast for 2D but shows recognizable difference in spatial data.

Advantages of this solution compared to 2D cameras:

● Filters shadow and background interference

● Object segmentation

● Distance, height, depth, judgment, and target positioning

● 3D motion tracking and estimation

The Dahua Stereo Analysis adopts two lenses to capture two images of the same scene and computes "optical parallax" of spatial points in two images, providing 3D information of the scene it observes. Combining deep learning algorithm, it can recognize people’s behavior that can help secure unguarded scenarios 24/7.


Solutions and Products

Typical Scenarios

  • ATM

    People Approach helps prevent suspicious individuals from approaching/following other people in the ATM machine area. Violence Detection detects fighting inside the monitored area, and sends real-time alarm.

  • Prison

    Fights easily break out among prisoners. Violence Detection detects this kind of behavior and sends real-time push notifications to alert the guards regarding the situation.

  • Nursing home

    n case of an accident like falling down, the Fall Detection can detect it immediately and alert the nurses to act accordingly, ensuring the safety of the elderly residents.