Dahua Auto Tracking 3.0 Technology Makes Video Monitoring Effortless

Dahua Auto Tracking 3.0 Technology Makes Video Monitoring Effortless

Auto Tracking 3.0 is an AI-powered tracking algorithm launched by Dahua based on years of technology accumulation and algorithm iteration. It is a unique technology of the PTZ camera based on the PTZ system. When a target triggers the IVS rule, the camera uses its horizontal/vertical rotation and zoom features to lock the moving target in the center of the screen. The whole tracking process is stable, clear and smooth.



The auto-tracking PTZ cameras provide a variety of highlights unavailable with fixed cameras. The fixed camera can only monitor a small area. When a target intrudes, it can only provide the intrusion picture of the target but cannot monitor or predict the target's behavior.


However, the auto-tracking PTZ cameras can accurately track the intrusion target within the monitoring range and zoom in on the target in proportion to see what the target did and where the target went after the intrusion, leaving evidence for the subsequent incidents management.


Extra Highlighted Features


It’s worth mentioning that the new Auto Tracking 3.0 has upgraded a variety of AI technologies based on the 2.0 algorithm, including PFA3.0, speed-adaptive algorithm, position-adaptive algorithm, and filtering interference algorithm. The tracking performance is further improved in all three areas that customers focus on, such as multiple target types, clear details, and accurate tracking.


Through training on a large number of target images, the newly upgraded Auto Tracking 3.0 offers optimized tracking of 4 types of targets. In addition to human, ship and vehicle targets, it also provides aircraft tracking through customized firmware.


The PFA 3.0 focusing technology realizes deep integration of intelligent algorithms and focusing algorithms, effectively improving the focusing output during tracking and capturing and realizing smooth focus.


The speed-adaptive algorithm can adjust the speed of the PTZ camera's rotation, zoom and image exposure according to the target's speed, making the whole tracking process continuous, smooth and without sudden changes, even when the target is a fast-moving car.


The position-adaptive algorithm merges deep learning-based target detection technology and 3D positioning technology, keeping the target in the center of the image with the right proportion while zooming in or out.


The new DPT technology can calculate the tracking target frame more accurately. It is capable of tracking smaller targets and further improving the tracking distance, which could reach 1,500 metres in ideal conditions. In other words, as long as the target is within the monitoring range, the PTZ cameras are able to track its complete movement with high accuracy.


The interference filtering algorithm can accurately estimate the moving direction, step size and speed of the target according to the characteristics of the target motion vector. The target can be continuously tracked even in complex scenes with occlusion, interlacing, light changes, etc.


Rich Application Scenarios


In nature reserves, 4G active deterrence PTZ cameras are used to patrol a large scope of key areas. Warning lights and sounds will be triggered to drive away intruders. What’s more, it provides detailed features and traces of intruders for follow-up search and rescue.


In airports, PTZ cameras that adopt Auto Tracking 3.0 algorithm are installed to track the departure and landing of the aircraft for aviation safety. The landing gear is closely monitored to ensure normal function.


In watercourses, cameras can track the ships to help the operator see the ship number and make ship management easier. Besides, the PTZ cameras can also detect water level and alarm for floating objects.


Additionally, Dahua’s advanced cameras with Auto Tracking 3.0 technology are frequently adopted in other scenarios such as factories and industrial parks for better performance in management and operation, risk and cost control, and intrusion prevention.


Furthermore, when these cameras are equipped with Dahua Security Software (DSS), the Dahua mobile surveillance app (DMSS) and Dahua Network Video Recorder, a customized video surveillance solution is accomplished for solving the specific problems of each customer.


Dahua always focuses on innovating new technologies to upgrade user experience and provide smarter solutions for clients in various industries. It will adhere to its mission of “enabling a safer society and smarter living”.