DAHUA Panoramic Cameras

Discover the Versatility of DAHUA Panoramic Cameras for Enhanced Surveillance

"Explore the wide range of DAHUA Panoramic Cameras at CCTV-MALL and choose the perfect solution for your surveillance needs. With stitched and unstitched multi-sensor cameras, as well as advanced fisheye models, DAHUA offers superior image quality, flexibility, and advanced analytics. Find the ideal DAHUA Panoramic Camera at CCTV-MALL and unlock enhanced situational awareness and coverage for your security system."

When it comes to choosing the right panoramic camera for your surveillance needs, the options can be overwhelming. But fear not, because we're here to help you navigate through the choices and find the perfect camera for your specific application.

At CCTV-MALL, the global leader in video surveillance solutions and a core distributor of DAHUA products, we offer a comprehensive range of high-quality DAHUA Panoramic cameras. Let's explore the different types and their ideal applications.

Stitched Multi-sensor Cameras: Perfect for wide-area surveillance in busy scenes like stadiums and malls(DAHUA PSDW81642S-A360-D425), stitched multi-sensor cameras combine video streams from multiple sensors to provide a seamless, panoramic view. With minimal surveillance blind spots and advanced WizMind analytics, these cameras enhance operator effectiveness and efficiency.

Unstitched Multi-sensor Cameras: Offering flexibility and customization, unstitched multi-sensor cameras feature two or more single-sensor cameras in one housing. They excel in scenarios with multiple monitoring points, such as intersecting hallways or retail stores. Enjoy a comprehensive view without the clutter of multiple cameras, reducing costs and increasing flexibility.

Fisheye Cameras: Designed with a single CMOS sensor and a special fisheye lens, DAHUA fisheye cameras deliver 180° or 360° coverage(DAHUA IPC-EBW8842-AS-IVC), eliminating blind spots. These compact cameras are ideal for small to mid-size scenes and provide true 360° coverage. With advanced AI technology and Analytics+ capabilities, they offer heightened situational awareness for various applications, including retail stores, classrooms, and the expanding cannabis market.

No matter your surveillance requirements, CCTV-MALL has the right DAHUA Panoramic camera for you. As a trusted solution provider, we ensure superior image quality, flexibility, and a higher return on investment. Visit us today to explore our wide range of panoramic cameras and find the perfect fit for your surveillance needs.

Contact CCTV-MALL, your global partner for video surveillance solutions, and inquire about our DAHUA Panoramic cameras. Trust the industry leader and unleash the full potential of panoramic surveillance.