Barcelona Shopping Mall Upgrades with Dahua IP Megapixel Solution

Barcelona Shopping Mall Upgrades with Dahua IP Megapixel Solution

Heron City shopping mall is one of the biggest shopping centers in Barcelona, Spain. The mall is stationed with many street-popular brands, along with a wide range of restaurants and a big underground supermarket.

Like any place where large crowds of people gather, shopping malls are susceptible to criminal activity. As a local popular shopping center, Heron has its existing analog surveillance system but requires an updated HD demand, including high definition, fast transmission, versatile video management and etc. However, the today’s Spanish market, the market share is still de facto analog system and people are not yet familiar with IP solutions, as network setting is not as that easy as analog one.
With great effort of IPTECNO VIDEOVIGILANCIA S.L., Dahua’s local distributor in Spain and Working Security, a local system integrator, the mall executives decided to embrace IP technology, and Dahua IP system was finally chosen after rounds of competition thanks to its professional solution and excellent support.

The team took a reconnaissance to find out where to best deploy cameras before implementation as a strategic placement could efficiently prevent thefts, deter crimes as well as increase customer safety. Therefore, the mall executives take not only product performance but also camera design, disk capacity, ease of use, maintenance, and other factors into account. And Dahua’s camera models of SD6982A-HN, SD6582A-HN, IPC-HFW3200SP, IPC-HDW2100P and NVR models of NVR5832, NVR5208-P meet the eyes.

2-megapixel IR bullet (IPC-HFW3200SP) and 2-megapixel eyeball domes (IPC-HDW2100P) feature the design to meet the scenarios for both indoor and outdoor. Meanwhile, they are also vandal-proof in case of any malicious attempts. These cameras are perfectly designed for public open areas, entrances and exits, cashier in stores and parking lots.

The 2-megapixel speed dome features Dahua in-house block camera, rendering clear and crisp images, and its IR distance reaches up to 100 meters, ensuring a wide range vision at poor-lighting surroundings. The PoE NVR they adopted saves a lot of time and support 8-ch 1080P playback; meanwhile, it support dual-stream recording, which is to record the real-time main stream and extra stream of all IP camera at the same time.

“IP business is growing slowly in Spain because of economic turmoil,” said Jordi Bassa, General Manager of IPTECNO VIDEOVIGILANCIA S.L. “It is important to have IP system with competitive price, Dahua has the kind of products which meets the market demands. With the implement of this project, we do hope it will lead us to become a successful IP system provider.” Jaime Gonzálezm from Working Security put it: “we are happy to be involved in this case and expect to have further cooperation with Dahua and IPTECNO to introduce and accomplish more HD IP projects in Spain.”

“I learned from IPTECNO that there are many public places using conventional system in Spain,” said Elmer Zhang, Sales Director of Europe at Dahua Technology. “This is a great potential for IP and by this project, the end-user experienced the benefits from IP. Moreover, we also enhance the cooperation and trust with IPTECNO to better provide the right IP solution and services for Spanish market.”

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