DAHUA IVSS7112-2I 128CH 2U Intelligent Video Surveillance Server

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IVSS7112-2I new-products

128CH 2U Intelligent Video Surveillance Server

> 64-bit High-performance multi-core processor

> 128-channel IP video access

> Max 512 Mbps/512 Mbps incoming/recording bandwidth

> Up to 32-channel AI IVS

> Up to 32-channel face recognition with normal IPC

> Up to 80-channel 2 MP or 60-channel 4 MP face recognition with face detection IPC

> Up to 32-channel video metadata

> Up to 32-channel AcuPick with normal IPC

> Up to 100 face databases with 500,000 face pictures in total

> 12 bays, supports RAID 0/1/5/6/10/50/60

> 4 HDMI/1 VGA video output


Main Processor


64-bit multi-core processor

Operating System


Embedded Linux OS

Operating Interface


Web (PCAPP), local GUI

AI Applications

AI by Camera


Face detection; face recognition; video metadata (human; vehicle; non-motor vehicle); IVS; license plate comparison; tripwire people counting; regional people counting; abnormal number of people in queue; smoking detection; call detection; face & body detection; SMD

AI by Recorder


Face detection; face recognition; entries frequency; video metadata (human; vehicle; non-motor vehicle); metadata attributes alarm by recorder; IVS;



1.AI by Recorder: Supports 32-channel 2 MP or 32-channel 4 MP resolution

2.AI by Camera: Supports 80-channel 2 MP or 60-channel 4 MP resolution

Face Detection

Face Detection


1. AI by Recorder: 32-channel 2 MP or 32-channel 4 MP with normal IP camera;

2. AI by Camera: 80-channel 2 MP or 60-channel 4 MP resolution with face detection IP camera;

3. Supports 6 properties: Gender, age, glasses, expression, face mask, and beard

Search by Image

Search by Image


Search by image in the face database, search by face or human body images, and 1:1 face recognition.

Face Recognition

Face Database Capacity


1.100 human face databases with 500,000 face pictures in total

2. 5 passerby databases with 500,000 face pictures in total

The human face database and the passerby database share the total capacity and number of face images.

Face Recognition


1. AI by Recorder: 32-channel 2 MP or 32-channel 4 MP with normal IP camera; 80-channel 2 MP or 60-channel 4 MP with face detection IP camera (Totally 80 × 2 MP or 60 × 4 MP face pictures analyzed per second);

2. AI by Camera: 80-channel 2 MP or 60-channel 4 MP with face recognition IP camera;

3. Supports entries frequency alarm

Vehicle License Plate Comparison

License Plate Database Capacity


1. 50 plate databases with 500,000 plate numbers in total

2. Supports allowlist and blocklist

Vehicle License Plate Comparison


Supports 80-channel 2 MP or 60-channel 4 MP resolution with ITC

Video Metadata

Video Metadata


1. AI by Recorder: Supports 32-channel 2 MP or 32-channel 4 MP resolution

2. AI by Camera: Supports 80-channel 2 MP or 60-channel 4 MP resolution

3. Object type:

Human body: Gender, age, sleeves length, top color, bottom type, bottom color, bag, rain coat, umbrella, hat, hairstyle, direction, hold a baby, face mask

Vehicle: Vehicle type, vehicle color, plate color, logo, calling, seatbelt, ornament

Non-motorized Vehicle: Non-motor vehicle type, non-motor vehicle color, number of passengers, umbrella, rain coat, bag , sleeve, length, top color, hat, hair style, face mask

IVS Analytics



1. AI by Recorder: Supports 32-channel 2 MP or 32-channel 4 MP with normal IP camera

2. AI by camera: Supports 80-channel 2 MP or 60-channel 4 MP

3. Rules: AI by Recorder: tripwire, intrusion, crowd gathering, loitering detection and parking detection

AI by Camera: tripwire, intrusion, abandoned object, missing object, fast moving, crowd gathering, loitering, parking, and fence-crossing

Intelligent Task Analytics

Intelligent Task Analytics


Local video records, import DAV videos from external devices for analysis

Video Diagnosis

Video Diagnosis


1. Supports 1-channel tour detection

2. Supports 12 detection items: Video tampering, scene changing, video jitter, noise detection, stripe interference, video loss, image freeze, overexposure, defocus detection, video color cast, abrupt image change and low contrast

Audio and Video

Access Channel



Network Bandwidth


Incoming bandwidth: 512 Mbps

Recording bandwidth: 512 Mbps

Outgoing bandwidth: 512 Mbps



32 MP;24 MP;16 MP;12 MP;8 MP;6 MP;5 MP;4 MP;3 MP;1080p;720p

Decoding Capability


1-channel 32 MP@30 fps; 1-channel 24 MP@30 fps;2-channel 24 MP@25 fps; 2-channel 16 MP@30 fps; 5-channel 12 MP@20 fps; 6-channel 12 MP @15 fps; 5-channel 8 MP@30 fps; 10-channel 8 MP@15 fps; 6-channel 6 MP@30 fps; 8-channel 5 MP@30 fps; 9-channel 5 MP@25 fps; 10-channel 4 MP@30 fps; 15-channel 4 MP@20 fps; 16-channel 3 MP @25 fps; 10-channel 1080p@60 fps; 20-channel 1080p@30 fps; 30-channel 720p@30 fps

Video Output


1-channel VGA output, 4-channel HDMI output, VGA 1/ HDMI 1 outputs the same video source.

Multi-screen Display


1st Screen: Max.64-channel

2nd Screen: Max.16-channel

3rd Screen: Max.1-channel

4th Screen: Max.1-channel

Third-party Camera Access


Onvif, RTSP, Sony, Panasonic, Axis, Arecont, Pelco, Canon, Samsung

Compression Standard

Video Compression


Smart H.265+;H.265;Smart H.264+;H.264

Audio Compression




Network Protocol



Mobile Phone Access





ONVIF (Profile S, T and G); CGI; SDK



Chrome; PCAPP; IE9 or higher; Firefox

Network Mode


Multiple-address mode;Load balance;Fault-tolerance;Link aggregation

Recording Playback

Multi-channel Playback


Max. 16-channel playback

Record Mode


Search video detection; IO alarm; thermal imaging; intelligent event; all record file

Storage Method


Internal HDD

Backup Method


HDD, peripheral USB storage device

Playback Function


1. Play; Pause; Stop; Fast forward; Fast backward; Reverse play; Frame by frame;

2. Full-screen; Backup (clip and file); Snapshot; Digital zoom; Audio on and off


Disk Group



Network Disk






Record Management


Supports record control (continuous, event-based, scheduled, scheduled & event-based).


General Alarm


Motion detection; tampering; local alarm; IPC external alarm; fire alarm; temperature alarm; temperature difference alarm; hot spot alarm; cold spot alarm

Anomaly Alarm


IPC offline alarm; storage error; HDD full; IP conflict; MAC conflict; login lock; AI module temperature alarm; AI module offline; fan malfunction; no HDD; network security exception; power exception

Alarm Linkage


Record; snapshot (full image); alarm uploading; remote device alarm output; camera audio; buzzer; log; preset; email, and smart tracking. Disarming alarm linkage action by period or one-click sync disarm config with channels


Audio Input


1 channel

Audio Output


1 channel

Alarm Input


16 channels

Alarm Output


8 channels

Disk Interface


12 slots, SATA3.0. Max.20 TB/HDD



1 port



1 port, for debug or COM data transmission



1 port, control peripheral PTZ and so on. Supports various protocols.



4 ports. 2 USB2.0 ports at the front panel and 2 USB3.0 ports a the rear panel.



4 ports. HDMI 1 supports 4K output.



1 port

Network Port


4 RJ-45 10/100/1000/2500Mbps self-adaptive Ethernet ports



Single supply

Network Port Extension


4 RJ-45 ports 10/100/1000/2500Mbps self-adaptive Ethernet ports;

2 × 10-GbE optical fiber ports (optional)


Disk Bay



Form Factor



Power Supply


100–127/200–240VAC, 50/60Hz, 7/3.5A

Power Consumption


Working(all HDDs connected): ≤ 250W(853 BTU)

Working(without HDD): ≤ 120W(410 BTU)

Rated: ≤ 550W(1877 BTU)



Intelligent speed regulation fan

Net Weight


12.50 kg (27.56 lb)

Gross Weight


18.84 kg (41.54 lb)

Product Dimensions


Chassis: 447.6 mm× 604.3 mm× 87 mm (17.62" × 23.79" × 3.43") (W × L × H)

Max. size: 482.59 mm (with hanger) × 604.3 mm × 97 mm (with feet mat) (19.00" × 23.79" × 3.43") (W × L× H)

Packaging Dimensions


With packaging: 654 mm × 834 mm × 201 mm (22.13" × 23.58" × 9.25")(W × L × H)

Protection box: 625 mm × 895 mm × 271 mm (19.33" × 22.99" × 24.84") (W × L × H)

Operating Temperature


0℃ to +45℃ (+32 °F to +113 °F)

Operating Humidity


10%–80% (RH), non-condensing

Operating Altitude


5000 m (16404.20 ft)



Desktop; Rack



CE-LVD:EN 62368-1

CE-EMC:EN IEC 61000-3-2,EN 61000-3-3,EN 55032,EN 50130-4,EN 55035

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