DAHUA ISC-M100100D Intelligent Security Screening Machine

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Intelligent Security Screening Machine

> Uses X-ray to generator images of packaged items passing on the conveyor belt, and checks the shape and size of packaged items
> Displays images of the packages with enhanced effects, such as high energy enhancement, super enhancement, high density alert and image scanning
> Generates dual view images simultaneously, generates penetration images of controband at different angles
> Use AI algrorithm recognition dual view images, improve the recognition rate of contraband
> Supports security screening mode and video surveillance mode
> Recognizes dangerous items such as knives, bottled liquid, spray cans, guns and lighters from scanned images
> All detection results can be stored and generated as reports, which can be searched and exported according to danger level and time
> 2 built-in cameras that respectively monitor the entry and exit of baggage and the package inspection process
> Add IP camera and PoE camera for live video, storage and playback. The cameras monitors the entire security inspection
> Alarms are triggered by system errors such as no HDD, storage error, IP conflict and MAC conflict
> Supports HDD storage space management and advanced management such as RAID configuration (RAID0/1/5); ensures data security
> Supports user group management and multiple authorities setting; supports custom function, permission and password configuration
> Supports system operation and maintenance management, such as self diagnosis, log and online user search, and device updating

Product Data



Intel quad core processor


8 G

Operating System

Embedded Linux OS

User Interface

Local GUI (full functions); Web interface



1000 mm × 1000 mm




160 KV


Sealed oil bath with forced air


38 AWG (0.1 mm)


36 mm


≤ 0.9 μSv/h (μGy/h)


≤ 65 dB


0.2 m/s


approx. 300 mm


250 kg (551.16 lb)


≤ 0.25 mA



Real-time display of X-ray package image and camera image; real-time item intelligent analysis.
associates baggage dual view image


Recognizes items and displays AI overlay; the AI overlay box moves with packages


Recognizes 22 objects: guns, fireworks, spray cans, knives, axes, scissors, lighter fluid, nail polish, glass bottle, thermos bottle, plastic bottle, handcuffs, nightstick, brass knuckles, lighters, tools, electronic products, powerbanks, laptops and umbrellas


High risk, warning, and safe (supports custom configuration according to types of objects)


I/O alarm, voice prompt, platform alarm and screen notification can be triggered according to danger levels


Stores as much as 1 million images with information on their danger levels and the types of objects detected. Original and analyzed images can both be viewed.


Search, play back, and export baggage images and linked videos according to time, objects type and more


Generate and export reports according to time and object types





Automatically detects system failures and prompts error codes


Enhancement functions include color/black and white, local enhancement, super enhancement, edge enhancement, image scanning, organic stripping, metal stripping , mixture stripping, inverse, high-energy enhancement, low-energy enhancement, light, dark, density threat alert Z7/Z8/Z9, high density alert, AI overlay, vertical flip, pseudo color and more


Supports playback of 30 images


Zoom in X-ray images up to 64x. Drag the focus position using a mouse or direction- keys


Supports diagnosis of key components such as the detector, motor, IR sensor and special keyboard


Key function configuration; image display configuration (vertical flip and max zoom times), scan mode configuration (double direction, forward scan, reverse scan, compulsory scan and power saving mode), baggage counter configuration and person-package linkage configuration



2-channel DVI outputs; resolution: Up to 1920 (H) × 1080 (V) @60 Hz


2 × 21.5" monitor


12-channel input (max 4K); 8-channel IPC + 4 PoE (2 PoE by default)


12-channel input (max 4K); 8-channel IPC + 4 PoE (2 PoE by default); supports H.265, H.264, PCM and MPEG4


Supports up to 4 × 10 T SATA disks and configures 1 × 4T disk by default


Single; RAID 0/1/5 (Enterprise-level disks are recommended); global hot standby


1 RJ-45 10M/100M/1000M self-adaptive Ethernet ports; 4 RJ-45 PoE 10M/100M Ethernet ports


HTTP, HTTPS, TCP/IP, UDP, RTSP, IPv4, NTP, DHCP, DNS, IP Filter, IP Search (Support Dahua IP camera, DVR and more)


ONVIF, SDK and more



1-Channel RS 232 port for controlling the operating keyboard


2-channel port for monitor power supply


2-Channel USB3.0


2-Channel DVI outputs


2 buttons on the machine body,1 button on the operation keyboard


1 button on the top of the machine


1 button on the operation keyboard


On the machine:
Power indicator: Turns solid green when the machine is working and flashes during updates and when an error occurs
X-ray indicators: Turn solid red when X-ray is triggered and turns off when X-ray is turned off
On the operating keyboard:
Key switch indicator: Turns solid green when the switch is turned on and turns off when the switch is turned off
Power button indicator: Turns solid green when the power button on the operating keyboard is pressed on. Light turns off when the machine is powered off
Press button indicators: Flashes green when one button is pressed on
X-ray indicator: the red light is always on when X-ray is turned on, but not when X-ray is turned off



AC 220 V–240 V, 50/60 Hz; AC 100 V–130 V, 50/60 Hz (optional)


1 kW


1.5 kW


Detects the temperature of main board and HDD and automatically adjusts fan speed to make it work stably and quietly


0 °C to +45 °C (32 °F to +113 °F)


0%–95% (RH), non-condensing


–20 °C to +70 °C (–4 °F to +158 °F)


0%–95% (RH), non-condensing


3910 mm × 1790 mm × 1865 mm

(153.94" × 70.47" × 73.43")


2965 mm × 2140 mm × 2218 mm

(116.73" × 58.19" × 63.70")


1400 kg (3086.47 lb)


1600 kg (3527.40 lb)


Floor installation


1200 mm × 750 mm × 600 mm (47.24" × 29.53" × 23.62")


1276 mm × 376 mm × 200 mm (50.24" × 14.80" × 7.87"),

38.5 Kg (84.88 lb)