DAHUA TPC-HI20 Thermal Handheld Thermographic Camera

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Quality Certifications:



Thermal Handheld Thermographic Camera

> Built with an industry-leading vanadium oxide uncooled focal plane detector, it is highly sensitive and produces high-quality images

> Supports the accurate measuring of temperatures, with a tolerance of less than Max (±2 °C, ±2%) and a range of –20 °C to +550 °C

> Supports SD card storage

> Features 4 pseudo-color modes: Whitehot, Blackhot, Rainbow, and Ironbow

> Uses buzzer alarm when a temperature exceeds the alarm threshold

> Automatically captures images when a temperature exceeds the threshold

> Supports device exception alerts

> Supports image enhancement

> Supports laser Pointer

> Supports cold/Hot spot trace

Product Data


Detector Type

Vanadium Oxide Uncooled Focal Plane Detector

Effective Pixels

256 × 192

Pixel Pitch

12 μm

Spectral Range

8 μm~14 μm

Thermal Sensitivity (NETD)

≤40 mK@f/1.0

Focal Length

3.5 mm

Field of View

H: 37.8°; V: 50.6°

Focus Mode


Thermal Close Focus Distance

0.5 m



Noise Reduction


Color Palettes

4 (Whitehot/Blackhot/Rainbow/Ironbow)

Temperature Range

–20 °C to +550 °C (–4 °F to –1022 °F)

Temperature Accuracy

Max(±2 °C, ±2%), Operating Temperature(–20°C to +50 °C) (–4 °F to +122 °F)

Measurement Distance

1 m~4 m

Temperature Mode

1. Center spot
2. Max. temp point and Min. temp point
3. Abnormal temperature alarm
4. Color bar display
5. Temperature units can be set as °F, °C, and K

6. Auto tracking of hot spots and cold spots

Video and Audio

Video Compression



480 x 640

Frame Rate

480 x 640@25 fps

Picture Encoding Format

JPEG (480 x 640)

Video and Audio

Sound and Light Alarm

Buzzer alarm


Micro SD card storage (Max. 256 GB)

Malfunction Detection

Storage card status detection; storage space detection

Laser Aiming



Alarm Linkage

High temperatures trigger the buzzer alarm and the capturing of snapshots

Alarm Event

No SD card; SD card has no space; SD card error; sound alarm


Micro USB


Power Supply

5 V DC; built-in battery

Standby Time

≥ 8 h

Charging Time

≤ 2.5 h

Power Consumption

< 1 W


Display Screen Dimensions



240 x 320


Operating Temperature

–20 °C to +50 °C

Operating Humidity

≤ 90%

Storage Temperature

–20 °C to +60 °C

Physical Characteristics


IP54; 2 m (6.56 ft) (naked camera)

Product Dimensions

192.4 mm × 62.5 mm × 72.2 mm (7.6" × 2.5" × 2.8") (L × W × H)

Packaging Dimensions

239 mm × 147 mm × 109 mm (9.4" × 7.0" × 4.3") (L × W × H)

Net Weight

≤ 350 g

Gross Weight

≤ 1 kg

Power Adapter






CE: EN 55032:2015; EN 61000-3-3:2013+A1:2019;
EN 50130-4:2011/A1:2014; EN55024:2010/A1:2015;
FCC: CFR 47 FCC Part 15 subpart B, 2019; ANSI C63.4-
UL: IEC 62368-1:2014 (Second Edition)

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Christopher Hurst
Exceptional thermal imaging

I was skeptical about the performance in total darkness, but this camera has proven me wrong. The images are clear and detailed.

Kyle Long
Impressive clarity at night!

As someone who loves observing wildlife at night, this camera has been perfect. The detail and range are incredible.

Jesse Giles
A game-changer for outdoor adventures

The thermal imaging capability of this camera has exceeded all my expectations. I've detected animals in complete darkness with ease.